Junior FabLab After School Clubs

Our Junior FabLab STEAM (STEM) clubs allow 4-11 year olds to explore science, technology, engineering and maths through hands-on, creative after school clubs in their school. Each club contains either a practical challenge, an experiment or a project to make and take home. STEM or STEAM Clubs are a great way for young people to explore how things work, tinker and explore. 

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februari, 2020
24 ma Cursus: 5 datum Hallam Primary School Y1 - Y3
25 di Cursus: 5 datum Bradway School FabLab
Cursus: 6 datum Hasland Junior School FabLab
26 wo Cursus: 6 datum Listerdale Junior Academy FabLab
27 do Cursus: 5 datum Meersbrook Bank FabLab
Cursus: 6 datum Holmesdale Infant School FabLab
2 ma Cursus: 5 datum Dronfield Infant School FabLab
Tijden weergegeven in tijdzone: London