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The leading provider of Town & Parish training in Norfolk

Recognised by NALC and SLCC as the leading training provider for Clerks and Councillors. The only CiLCA Recognised Trainer in Norfolk.

Instructions: Click on a course from our schedule below on the left then view course details on the right, scroll down to select tickets and book your training.

Looking for Finance & VAT training? In conjunction with the Parkinson Partnership we offer our members training in all things finance and VAT. Please see our website for details.

If you have any issues booking training please contact us – we’ll be happy to assist you.

From 14 Jun 2024
June, 2024
17 Mon 9:30am BST
10am BST
11am BST
18 Tue 6:30pm BST
20 Thu Course: 3 dates
21 Fri 1 day
24 Mon 1pm BST
26 Wed 10am BST
1 Mon 1pm BST
13 Sat 1pm BST
15 Mon 9:30am BST
18 Thu 6:30pm BST
1 Thu 10am BST
5 Mon 9:30am BST
12 Mon 9:30am BST
14 Wed 6:30pm BST
5 Thu 10am BST
10am BST
9 Mon 1pm BST
16 Mon 1pm BST
19 Thu Course: 6 dates
23 Mon 6:30pm BST
4 Fri 1pm BST
Times shown in timezone: London