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Oxford Bridge Club Events

Welcome to the bookings page of Oxford Bridge Club. This is where you can book events run by Oxford Bridge Club.
Click on the event of interest for further information and booking.

Oxford Bridge Club CIO is a charity (Charity Number 1155820)

From 25 Feb 2024
February, 2024
26 Mon 10am GMT
28 Wed 2pm GMT
29 Thu 7:15pm GMT
1 Fri 10am GMT
7:15pm GMT
4 Mon 10am GMT
6 Wed 2pm GMT
7:15pm GMT
7 Thu 7:15pm GMT
8 Fri 10am GMT
11 Mon 10am GMT
13 Wed 2pm GMT
14 Thu 7:15pm GMT
15 Fri 10am GMT
7:15pm GMT
18 Mon 10am GMT
20 Wed 2pm GMT
21 Thu 7:15pm GMT
22 Fri 10am GMT
3 Wed 7:15pm BST
Times shown in timezone: London