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EBED Simultaneous Pairs

Monday, 9 May '22   10am – 12:30pm BST
176 spaces available

This is an online event.

Joining instructions will be provided after booking.


The Wednesday afternoon session on 7th September is a Simultaneous Pairs charity event to raise money for EBED (English Bridge Education and Development) – the national charity for the promotion and development of Bridge which produces the Bridge for All materials used in our courses for beginners.

It will be played on RealBridge as usual.

The entry fee is £6.50 per player.

This event is hosted, so that you can come and along and play even if you don't have a pre-arranged partner.

Please note that this is normally a Gentle Duplicate session, targeted at those of approximately NGS grade 2 – 8. So whilst this simultaneous pairs event is open to all, we ask that at least one member of the partnership has an NGS ranking of 8 or lower.

A commentary on the hands written by an expert will be available afterwards. Your results will be compared with those in all the other clubs in the country that are playing the same hands ‘simultaneously’. This means that you will have two scores, your local score for the event at OBC (normal masterpoints and NGS rules) and a national score. Since the national field is large, if you are in the top 1/3 of players for this ranking, you will receive a relatively large number of masterpoints.

Note that for security reasons we won't be able to post the results on our website or on Pianola until after 10.00 that evening; however they'll be available on RealBridge via the joining link.

Please come along and support EBED whilst having an enjoyable Bridge session.


Non-members who have not played with us before on RealBridge should register first.

As soon as you book you will receive a confirmation email. This will contain a large grey button saying "View online event". Depending on when you book this may contain the link to join the RealBridge session. The link will be available at least one hour before the session starts. Emails are sent to each person for whom a ticket is booked. It is essential to get the email address correct - or you will not receive your ticket. If you receive no email it is likely that you made a mistake with the email address. Contact who will try to put it right.


To book tickets please follow the instructions below.

Any queries, please email:


Standard ticket
76 available until Mon 9 May 10am
Please book a place for yourself by clicking "Select" . You may then click the "+" to show 2 places if you wish to book and pay for your partner. Then proceed to the next stage by clicking "View Selections".
Concessionary ticket
100 available until Mon 9 May 10am
These tickets may be taken by those who have applied for and obtained a concession card from the club.
Host ticket
Please book this free ticket if you have been nominated as the host for this session. Please make yourself known to the director on the day.

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