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Swiss Teams Competition

Wednesday, 7 December '22   7:15pm – 9:45pm GMT
191 spaces available

This is an online event.

Joining instructions will be provided after booking.


The winning team will receive the Eve Stockwell Bowl at the AGM.

We will play 24 or 25 boards, depending on the number of teams. If 9-16 teams enter, we will play 5 x 5-board matches. With 8 or fewer teams we will play 4 x 6-board matches.

All members of all abilities are welcome to take part. Non-members are also welcome to play, but teams containing non-members are not eligible to win the competition/trophy.

Masterpoints will be issued at the usual rate, and the event will count towards NGS ranking (based on cross-Imps).

Please make sure you have a team as this event is not hosted. Please contact the Team Mates Secretary if you would like help with finding team mates.

After getting a ticket, you will need to be logged in by ten minutes before the start time.

The Swiss Teams format

In Swiss Teams your opponents in the first round are chosen at random. After that the Swiss element comes into play - in the second and subsequent rounds you are matched against a team that is close to you in the ranking list. This means that you are always matched up against a team that is doing as well (or as badly!) as you are. The better you do, the tougher your opponents are. You normally only play against another team once, so even if you are leading the field, you won't play against the team lying second if you've already played them. You'll be drawn against the closest contestant you haven't played before.

The final ranking is determined by the number of Victory Points (VPs) won by your team.

Victory points: a total of 20 Victory Points are shared between you and your opponents in each match. IMPs (International Match Points - the usual method used for teams scoring) are converted to VPs according to a scale provided by the EBU.


Non-members who have not played with us before on RealBridge should register first

As soon as you book you will receive a confirmation email. This will contain a large grey button saying "View online event". Depending on when you book this may contain the link to join the RealBridge session. The link will be available at least one hour before the session starts. Emails are sent to each person for whom a ticket is booked. It is essential to get the email address correct - or you will not receive your ticket. If you receive no email it is likely that you made a mistake with the email address. Contact who will try to put it right.

Transfer of tickets

As there are few events for which this charge applies please contact to arrange for the issue of suitable vouchers.


To book tickets please follow the instructions below.

Any queries, please email:


Standard ticket
91 available until Wed 7 Dec 7:15pm
Please book a place for yourself by clicking "Select" .
Concessionary ticket
100 available
These tickets may be taken by those who have applied for and obtained a concession card from the club

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