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Polish up your play - a 6 week course led by Mark Hannon

Oxford Bridge Club, 147 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 7AN
19 spaces available

Course dates

  • Thu, 20 Jun '24   2pm – 4pm BST
  • Thu, 27 Jun '24   2pm – 4pm BST
  • Thu, 4 Jul '24   2pm – 4pm BST
  • Thu, 11 Jul '24   2pm – 4pm BST
  • Thu, 18 Jul '24   2pm – 4pm BST
  • Thu, 25 Jul '24   2pm – 4pm BST


Throughout this course, there will be interactive discussions, hands-on practice, and feedback sessions incorporated to ensure a solid understanding and application of basic declarer play principles for bridge players. By the end of the course, participants will have gained confidence and proficiency in declarer play, setting a strong foundation for further skill development in the game of bridge.

Course led by Mark Hannon, Thursday afternoons from 2.00 - 4.00.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Declarer Play

• Understanding the roles of declarer and dummy
• Basic objectives of declarer play
• Hand evaluation: assessing high card points and distribution
• Identifying potential winners and losers
• Introduction to basic planning: setting initial goals for the contract

Lesson 2: Establishing Long Suits

• Recognizing and utilizing long suits in declarer play
• Techniques for establishing and promoting long suits
• Managing entries between declarer's hand and dummy
• Practice hands emphasizing the importance of establishing long suits

Lesson 3: Managing Trumps

• Understanding the role of trumps in declarer play
• When to draw trumps and when to delay drawing trumps
• Techniques for managing trump length and strength
• Identifying and executing trump promotion and lengthening strategies
• Practice hands focusing on trump management techniques

Lesson 4: Finesses and Timing

• Introduction to finesses: what they are and when to attempt them
• Understanding timing: when to execute finesse plays
• Recognizing finesse opportunities and planning ahead for them
• Practice hands emphasizing finesse techniques and timing considerations

Lesson 5: Leveraging the Dummy

• Maximizing dummy's assets: utilizing dummy's long suits and high cards
• Determining the best line of play based on dummy's holdings
• Avoiding common mistakes when playing with the dummy
• Practice hands focusing on declarer-dummy interaction and decision-making

Lesson 6: Review, Practice, and Application

• Reviewing key concepts from previous lessons
• Analyzing sample hands to reinforce learning and identify areas for improvement
• Practicing declarer play techniques with guided exercises
• Applying learned concepts in simulated game scenarios
• Q&A session to address any remaining questions or concerns and provide individualized feedback

Level: Beginner, Intermediate


Please arrive 10 minutes before the course starts so you have time to get a tea or coffee and be seated before 2.00.



Polish up your play

Course ticket - for all 6 dates.
19 available
Course of 6 sessions


Oxford Bridge Club
147 Banbury Road