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Oxford Bridge School

Welcome to the bookings page of Oxford Bridge School. This is where you can book courses and seminars given at Oxford Bridge Club. We offer courses for people trying out the game for the first time as well as for more experienced players who wish to improve their game.
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Oxford Bridge School is a part of Oxford Bridge Club CIO (Charity Number 1155820)

From 12 Mar 2022
March, 2022
12 Sat 10:30am GMT Morning Seminar: Expert Technique as Declarer by Michael Byrne at Oxford Bridge Club
2:30pm GMT Afternoon Seminar - Advanced Tactics on Opening Leads by Michael Byrne at Oxford Bridge Club
21 Mon 4:30pm GMT Seminar (Online) - To Duck or Not to Duck, that is the question by Annabel Barnett
26 Sat 10am GMT Peter Litchfield - Extra Slam Bidding Session via Zoom
9 Sat 10am BST Seminar- Losing Trick Count by Steven Bliss
7 Sat Course: 6 dates 5 Card Major Bidding System Course (6 Seminars) by Charlie Bucknell
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