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Optix Digital Academy

From 29 Sep 2023
October, 2023
6 Fri 9:30am BST [I] Proven Techniques For E-commerce Sales And Lead Gen Enquiries
10 Tue 9:30am BST [F] Local SEO
24 Tue 9:30am BST [I] How Google Tag Manager Can Enhance Your Reporting
14 Tue 9:30am GMT [F] CRO and UX
28 Tue 9:30am GMT [I] Developing Your Youtube Strategy
5 Tue 9:30am GMT [F] Digital Strategy
12 Tue 9:30am GMT [I] Outreach and Linkbuilding
January, 2024
16 Tue 9:30am GMT [F] Creating Personas
23 Tue 9:30am GMT [I] Building Personas from Online Data
6 Tue 9:30am GMT [F] Video Marketing
20 Tue 9:30am GMT [I] Complete a Content Review & Creating Content That Converts
12 Tue 9:30am GMT [F] PPC Search
26 Tue 9:30am GMT [I] Developing Your Email Strategy & Building Automations
9 Tue 9:30am BST [F] Content Marketing
23 Tue 9:30am BST [I] Building a Time Sensitive Creative Campaign
7 Tue 9:30am BST [F] PPC (Display & Remarketing)
21 Tue 9:30am BST [I] Technical SEO & Schema Markup
11 Tue 9:30am BST [F] Introduction to GA4
25 Tue 9:30am BST [I] Mastering GA4 & Reporting Success
9 Tue 9:30am BST [F] SEO
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