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Our Village Clubhouse - Supporting Families in the Heart of Ryedale

Welcome to Our Village Clubhouse!

We are a family run venue located in the heart of Ryedale with the aim to support young families through kindred groups and clubs.
Our clubhouse offers a range of activities including parent and baby classes, art studio sessions, kids clubs, holiday activities and educational support through a Montessori home education hub with experienced teachers and Montessori guides.

The Clubhouse is situated in the beautiful grounds and gardens of a Victorian mansion in Malton where we provide safe and welcoming indoor and outdoor spaces for families to come together and enjoy a variety of fun and educational activities.

From 19 Apr 2024
April, 2024
19 Fri 6pm BST
23 Tue 10am BST
1pm BST
24 Wed 9am BST
25 Thu 10am BST
26 Fri 6pm BST
30 Tue 10am BST
1pm BST
1 Wed 9am BST
2 Thu 10am BST
3 Fri 6pm BST
7 Tue 10am BST
1pm BST
8 Wed 9am BST
9 Thu 10am BST
10 Fri 6pm BST
12 Sun 10am BST
2pm BST
14 Tue 10am BST
1pm BST
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