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Parent Sanctuary

Parent Sanctuary is a Community Interest Company focused on improving the physical and mental health of children and their parents. We use natural and evidence-based activities that support you and your family to continuing good health holistically.

We provide walks in nature, education or coaching and support groups that help you and your children to enjoy life today, no matter your circumstances or background. We help you to be truly present and connect to your own wisdom.

During the pandemic, when we were learning how to parent in a very different way, we were feeling a new kind of isolation and loneliness. We created Parent Sanctuary to be a COVID-secure way to meet other new parents so we could support each other as we progress through baby milestones.

From 28 May 2024
May, 2024
31 Fri 10am BST
3 Mon 10am BST
1pm BST
4 Tue 10am BST
7pm BST
6 Thu 9:45am BST
12:15pm BST
7 Fri 10am BST
10 Mon 10am BST
1pm BST
11 Tue 10am BST
14 Fri 10am BST
17 Mon 10am BST
1pm BST
18 Tue 10am BST
20 Thu 9:45am BST
12:15pm BST
21 Fri 10am BST
24 Mon 10am BST
1pm BST
Times shown in timezone: London