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Booking page - Online training for CALCs

This page is for county associations of local councils (CALCs) to book places for their members on online training courses, which are provided by The Parkinson Partnership LLP under contract to those associations. You should only use the page if you are a CALC member of staff, or an employee of a council that has been authorised to use this booking page by your CALC.

The prices quoted are only for councils that are members of their association. Bookings made by anyone else are liable to be removed without notice or charged at double the standard rate.

From 29 Feb 2024
February, 2024
29 Thu 10am GMT
5 Tue 10am GMT
6 Wed 10am GMT
7 Thu 10am GMT
12 Tue 10am GMT
14 Thu 10am GMT
19 Tue 10am GMT
21 Thu 10am GMT
26 Tue 10am GMT
16 Tue 10am BST
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