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November, 2017
3 Fri 7pm - 8pm Pole Strength / Pole Conditioning Workshop
8pm - 9pm Pole Flexibility / Pole Stretch & Release Workshop
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Pole Strength / Pole Conditioning Workshop

Friday, 3 November, 2017   7pm - 8pm
Unit 4 A-D Chatham Place, Reading, RG1 7AR
9 spaces available


Taking inspiration from Mallakhamb which is a traditional Indian sport this class takes Pole Fitness to the next level and guarantees to get your muscles pumping. Focusing more on the strength and conditioning aspect this powerful class will build muscle tone in no time. Utilising every muscle possible this class will not only give you amazing tone and definition but also help with correct alignment, coordination and body awareness. The perfect accompaniment to your Pole Fitness classes.
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  • £10.00
    9 available until Fri 3 Nov 1pm