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The Walled Garden, Helen's Bay

We bought our Grade B 2 listed Walled Garden at the end of 2006 after it had suffered from a 60 year period of neglect and what we found was the bones 馃Υ馃Υ of a wonderful Victorian "secret" kitchen garden馃尦馃尦 overgrown with every invasive pernicious weed you could imagine; crumbling outbuildings, an old rusted steel lean-to glasshouse ...all oozing with potential and a magical 鉁ㄢ湪lingering feeling of what had been before. It is our dream to restore the Walled Garden馃尰馃尲馃尫into a special place that we can share with our local and wider community

We are not open to the public at the minute....due to health and safety issues 馃┕馃┕...however we do open to facilitate our creative and wellbeing workshops as well as our summer Saturday morning open air Farm Shop ..the profits of which are ploughed back into the restoration

Od 31 sty 2023
marzec, 2023
11 sob. 10:00 GMT Weave a Willow Obelisk Plant Support in the Walled Garden
26 nie. 13:00 BST "Spring forward" into Summer with lunch in the Walled Garden
22 sob. 10:00 BST Weave a Willow Obelisk Plant Support in the Walled Garden
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