Rescue Riders - Transport Booking. Virginia - Connecticut - Rhode Island

Friday, 26 January, 2018   6:30am - 7:30am
Only 6 spaces left

This event is to schedule the bi-weekly transport of dogs and cats from TN to Locations in VA, MD, PA, NY, CT and RI. Other delivery and pickup options may be available once the booking process is started. If you are a rescue/foster individual who is scheduling a dog for transport, please fill out the application below to book your trip!


XL Dogs - 90-150lbs
These are our largest kennels, and are for dogs up to 150lbs in weight.
Large Dogs - 46-90lbs
These are our large kennels, and are for dogs whose weight ranges between 46 and 90lbs.
Medium Crate - Up to 45lbs
Crates for medium sized dogs. These work best for dogs who weigh up to 45lbs.
Smedium Crate - Up to 35lbs
We have 20 crates for smallish-medium sized dogs, and these work best for dogs who weigh up to 35lbs and are a little to tall for a small crate.
Small Crate - Up to 22lbs
Our smallest crate, for small dogs who weigh up to 22lbs.
Cat Crate
For cats only! They have a separate transit fee and have the smallest carrier.