Rescue Riders - Pooches on the Move of TN - Transport Booking

Friday, 26 January, 2018   6:30am - 7:30am

Tickets / Booking types

XL Dogs - 90-150lbs

These are our largest kennels, and are for dogs up to 150lbs in weight.

Large Dogs - 46-90lbs

These are our large kennels, and are for dogs whose weight ranges between 46 and 90lbs.

Medium Crate - Up to 45lbs

Crates for medium sized dogs. These work best for dogs who weigh up to 45lbs.

Smedium Crate - Up to 35lbs

We have 20 crates for smallish-medium sized dogs, and these work best for dogs who weigh up to 35lbs.

Small Crate - Up to 22lbs

Our smallest crate, for small dogs who weigh up to 22lbs.

Cat Crate

For cats only! They have a separate transit fee and have the smallest carrier.


This is event to schedule the bi-weekly transport of dogs and cats from TN to New England. If you are a rescue/foster individual who is scheduling a dog for transport, please fill out the application below to book your trip!