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Rescue Riders Pet Transport

Hello! We're Rescue Riders LLC, a USDA licensed animal transporter. If you are looking to book the most animal-friendly transport for a dog or cat, you've come to the right place.

Under "Attachments" you will find our full pick-up and delivery schedules as well as the requirements for transport. Generally, for adoption bookings, the fee is $165.00 per dog and $50.00 per cat. There are a few locations that require an additional $25.00 fee. Please be aware of this when booking.

To secure a space, simply choose the region and the correct transport date for your animal. The system will prompt you through the rest of the booking fields. Please use capital letters in names and dashes (-) in phone numbers as these records become permanent records for USDA and state-required manifests.

The 2022 schedules for both Great Lakes and New England runs are posted along with the consolidated pick-up and delivery locations, the transport requirements, and the transport cover sheets.

Payment is via PayPal using our email address:

Lastly, remember to tell your adopters to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram so that they see weather and traffic updates during the runs. You will find the links to these accounts at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for using Rescue Riders!

From 24 May 2024
May, 2024
31 Fri 6:30am EDT
7 Fri 6:30am EDT
14 Fri 6:30am EDT
21 Fri 6:30am EDT
28 Fri 6:30am EDT
1 Mon 6:30am EDT
12 Fri 6:30am EDT
19 Fri 6:30am EDT
26 Fri 6:30am EDT
2 Fri 6:30am EDT
9 Fri 6:30am EDT
16 Fri 6:30am EDT
23 Fri 6:30am EDT
6 Fri 6:30am EDT
13 Fri 6:30am EDT
20 Fri 6:30am EDT
27 Fri 6:30am EDT
4 Fri 6:30am EDT
11 Fri 6:30am EDT
18 Fri 6:30am EDT
25 Fri 6:30am EDT
1 Fri 6:30am EDT
8 Fri 6:30am EST
15 Fri 6:30am EST
22 Fri 6:30am EST
25 Mon 6:30am EST
6 Fri 6:30am EST
13 Fri 6:30am EST
Times shown in timezone: Eastern Time (US & Canada)