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Michelle's Mat Pilates Classes to recondition your whole body!

We are a community who love Pilates, in Dover and the surrounding areas. Pilates experience isn't necessary, the classes welcome ALL levels and you will be guided to work through the levels at your own safe pace. Michelle's mat classes take you and your body through a series of controlled, meticulously designed exercises tailored to strengthen and tone your muscles, mobilise your joints, increase movement efficiency, improve balance, build stamina, improve focus & concentration, promote good posture and ease back pain.

From 24 May 2024
May, 2024
24 Fri 1:30pm BST
25 Sat 10am BST
28 Tue 10am BST
29 Wed 10am BST
31 Fri 1:30pm BST
1 Sat 10am BST
4 Tue 10am BST
5 Wed 10am BST
7 Fri 1:30pm BST
8 Sat 10am BST
11 Tue 10am BST
12 Wed 10am BST
14 Fri 1:30pm BST
15 Sat 10am BST
18 Tue 10am BST
19 Wed 10am BST
21 Fri 1:30pm BST
22 Sat 10am BST
25 Tue 10am BST
26 Wed 10am BST
Times shown in timezone: London