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Our Sudbury boats are operated by fully trained volunteers with scheduled trips at the weekends (booked on a ‘per seat’ basis, online booking facility) and private charters on weekdays (booked as a whole boat, contact the office directly). The proceeds from River Stour Trust boat trips go towards the charitable aims of education, restoration and conservation of the Suffolk & Essex River Stour Navigation.

This pre-booking facility is available for some of some of the River Stour Trust's scheduled trips and special events, such as :

  • Weekend Henny Lunch Cruise - booking with River Stour Trust is for a Sudbury - Henny round trip aboard our boat/s: it does not include lunch so please also contact The Henny Swan to arrange / confirm a 12pm table for lunch (tel: 01787 267953).
  • Weekend short trips at Henny - this service is reliant on the boats being booked for the Henny Lunch Cruise. We accept pre-booking for the 8-seater only; although we might be able to accommodate up to 20 passengers on the day on a first come, first served basis.
  • Sunday short trips at The Granary Tea Room - we also accept walk on passengers on the day on a first come, first served basis.
  • Special events (such as Walk 'n' Water, Bat Cruise, Santa Boat Rides) - Refer to specific event details.


  • Click on relevant button/s below to select specific trips/events to check ticket availability and make a booking.
  • Click CLEAR FILTER to cancel filter selection.


🍽 Henny Lunch Cruise 🦢 Henny Short Trip 🍰☕Granary Short Trip 🥾Walk 'n' Water


🏴‍☠️ Pirates on the Stour 🎅Santa Boat Rides

BOATS - View our boats.

WEEKEND SCHEDULED TRIPS - We usually operate Edwardian Lady (12-seater) and Rosette (8-seater) for our scheduled Henny Lunch Cruise. However, we have an alternative 8-seater boat, Francis J Batten (FJ), for those with impaired mobility and wheelchair users (capacity allowance is no more than 2 manual wheelchairs or 1 electric wheelchair). Scheduled services have set timings and are booked on a seat by seat basis but you can book and pay for vacant seats for boat exclusivity. Please contact RST office if you would like to arrange boat exclusivity or require our specially adapted boat, FJ.

WEEKDAY PRIVATE CHARTERS - All our boats are available for private weekday charters booked on a whole boat/s basis. Their availability is not online so bookings can only be arranged directly with the RST office.

We are very grateful for the efforts and enthusiasm of our dedicated and fully trained volunteers helping with our activities on and off the water. If you would like to join our team then please get in touch, visit or talk to our team on the day of your cruise!

Have an enquiry or need assistance?
Please contact the RST office (staffed weekdays only):

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