Foundational Family Services

We believe that parents and guardians are a crucially important part of the treatment team. Attending our parent training workshops is an excellent way for parents to empower themselves with the knowledge and skills to help support their child.

Foundational Family Services are free for those registered for the Ontario Autism Program (OAP). Please have your OAP Reference Number available before registering.

From 18 Jan 2022
January, 2022
19 Wed 6pm EST SibShop
25 Tue 6pm EST Registered for the OAP...Now What?
27 Thu 6pm EST Emotional Regulation
28 Fri 10am EST PA Day Family Fun
1pm EST PA Day Family Fun
10 Thu 6pm EST Managing Difficult Behaviour
16 Wed 6pm EST Sibshop
24 Thu 6pm EST Registered for the OAP...Now What?
28 Mon 6pm EST Coping with Big Emotions
9 Wed 6pm EST Autism and Anxiety (two-part series)
Times shown in timezone: Eastern Time (US & Canada)