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Our Community Cares (OCC)

Our Community Cares (OCC) programs are for ages five to 17 and their families. They encourage learning, physical activity, and social and life skills. There are also food, clothing, and support with infant items available.

From 19 Apr 2024
April, 2024
22 Mon 4:30pm EDT
Course: 3 dates
23 Tue Course: 3 dates
Course: 3 dates
24 Wed 1:30pm EDT
25 Thu 4:30pm EDT
Course: 4 dates
26 Fri Course: 3 dates
7 Tue 10:30am EDT
5pm EDT
8 Wed 1:30pm EDT
14 Tue 5pm EDT
15 Wed 1:30pm EDT
22 Wed 1:30pm EDT
27 Mon 4:30pm EDT
29 Wed 5pm EDT
30 Thu 4:30pm EDT
5 Wed 1:30pm EDT
12 Wed 1:30pm EDT
17 Mon 4:30pm EDT
Times shown in timezone: Eastern Time (US & Canada)