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Welcome to the online booking facility for Adult Training in West Yorkshire. If you have any questions with your booking please contact Howard Fishwick, County Training Manager.

If you want to go to the adult learning page please click here. Using "Exit Booking System" will take you to the County Calendar.

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September, 2019
13 Fri 3 days Nights Away Campsite
22 Sun 9am - 4pm Multi Module day 1 of 3
19 Sat 9am - 12pm Module 37 - Appointment of Adults
9am - 4pm Module 25 Assessing Learning
27 Sun 9am - 4pm Multi Module day 2 of 3
16 Sat 9am - 12:30pm Module 9 - Working with Adults
9am - 4pm Nights Away Theory
1:30pm - 5pm Module 7 - Scouting for All
24 Sun 9am - 4pm Multi Module day 3 of 3
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