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Seabird's Swim lessons and sessions - building confidence and community!

Seabird Swim sessions aim to encourage people to GET IN THE SEA, swim safely and improve their resilience. Whatever your swim goal or aspiration we aim to provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to enjoy the sea safely. Our sessions are relaxed and fun and our team of coaches have a wealth of experience and qualifications. We all share a passion for sea swimming and are advocates for the benefits it can have on you physical and mental wellbeing. Don't just take our word for it - come and swim with us!

Take a look at our various courses and sessions, get in touch if you want to talk through what is best for you. We also offer 121s tailor made to your individual requirements.

Our courses, lessons and sessions include:

  1. Seabird's "Swim Skills" series - pool and sea technique lessons aimed at increasing participants' confidence in Open Water, building up swim stamina and focusing on technique improvement. This is aimed at existing swimmers that wish to improve

  2. Seabird's "Swim Safe" series - sessions that provide information on local beaches, tips for safe swimming, weather and sea conditions as well as a social swim. This is aimed at swimmers new to sea swimming and those that wish to increase their confidence and knowledge.

  3. Community "Well being & Water" courses, aimed at improving confidence and introducing wild swimming as a way of improving participants mental health and well being. These can be tailored made for specific groups.

All of our sessions and lessons are led by qualified and insured Swim Teachers and Open Water coaches who have a wealth of experience and a passion for making swimming accessible to all. There are two coaches present for all of our sessions and the groups have limited numbers to ensure you have space to learn. All of our coaches are qualified STA Level 2 Open Water Swimming Coaches. We also hold awards in;

Mental Health First Aid,
Aquatic First Aid,
Certificate in Teaching Aquaphobia Level 2,
RLSS Open Water Lifeguard,
Surf Lifeguard
Surf Life Saving GB Trainer/Assessor,

Swim England L2 Advanced Teacher,
L2 Disability and Special Needs Teacher,
L1 Water Polo/ Synchro/Coach
STA Covid Officer Awareness Training

We provide subsidised and free community spaces on all of our courses and sessions for those who would not otherwise be able to access them. Please get in touch if you are unemployed, a student or a low income worker. We can also work with existing communities that have limited access to the sea and swimming to provide tailor made courses to encourage the use of sea swimming to manage wellbeing. Email:

Seabirds is all about helping more people access the healing power of the sea and building community. We are a ‘Social Enterprise’, this means we run our business to do some good in the world, with the community’s interest at the heart of what we do. And for every booking we get the profit is paid forward to fund lessons and kits for those who have the least access to swimming but would benefit the most from being part of the outdoor swimming community. So when you buy a lesson from us you are also buying a lesson for another swimmer ❤️

Swim for All : Diversity and Inclusion - Our focus in 2022 will be on those who are unable to swim and work with other organisations to increase the diversity of the group to encourage more of our local community to access the sea as a way of managing their wellbeing. We have signed up to the Black Swimming Association DIPER Charter and want to see the swimming community better reflect our whole community. We hope to support this by funding courses of swimming lessons in local pools and provision of swim kit for both children and adults that are underrepresented in the outdoor swimming community.

Pay it Forward: To date we have raised over £17,000; this has been; donated to local charities; funded swimming lessons, swim kit and pool access to local asylum seekers and funded our own sessions free or heavily subsidised for NHS workers and marginalised groups. This is with huge thanks to all of you who have supported our mission by signing up for swimming lessons and buying swim kit from Seabirds. So thank you!

Please note: No refunds or exchanges on our swim sessions. A lot of administration and work goes into planning and tailoring the courses. We keep group sessions small to ensure you get the best out of them. Please double check the date you book for as it cannot be changed.

From 18 May 2022
May, 2022
25 Wed 10am BST Introduction to Cold Water and Sea Swimming
6 Mon 10am BST Breast Stroke to Front Crawl SEA Swimming Lesson - MONDAYS
10am BST 1-2-1 Hour Swim coaching Session
8 Wed 9:30am BST Breast Stroke to Front Crawl SEA Swimming Lesson - WEDNESDAYS
9:30am BST 1-2-1 Hour Swim coaching Session
3:30pm BST Breast Stroke to Front Crawl 5 week POOL Swimming Lessons - Saltdean Lido
4pm BST Breast Stroke to Front Crawl 5 week POOL Swimming Lessons - Saltdean Lido
9 Thu 10am BST Breast Stroke to Front Crawl SEA Swimming Lesson - THURSDAYS
11am BST
Breast Stroke to Front Crawl 4 week POOL Swimming Lessons
12:45pm BST Private Group SEA Swimming Lesson - REQUIRES PASSWORD TO BOOK
10 Fri 1pm BST Introduction to Sea swimming
24 Fri 9:30am BST Introduction to Sea swimming
29 Wed 6pm BST Water and Wellbeing - An Introduction to Sea Swimming
30 Thu 9:30am BST Breast Stroke to Front Crawl SEA Swimming Lesson - Thursdays
10:30am BST Front Crawl Improvers SEA Swimming Lesson - Thursdays
8 Fri 10am BST Introduction to Sea swimming
14 Wed 10am BST SWIM SAFARI - GUIDED SWIM ROTTINGDEAN TO SALTDEAN - includes 60min safe swim talk
Times shown in timezone: London