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Schedule of Classes

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From 15 Jun 2024
March, 2024
17 Sun 365 days
15 Sat 10am BST
17 Mon 6:30pm BST
18 Tue 10am BST
19 Wed 10:30am BST
20 Thu 7pm BST
22 Sat 10am BST
2pm BST
24 Mon 6:30pm BST
25 Tue 10am BST
26 Wed 10:30am BST
27 Thu 7pm BST
30 Sun 10am BST
1 Mon 6:30pm BST
2 Tue 10am BST
3 Wed 10:30am BST
Course: 3 dates
4 Thu 7pm BST
6 Sat 10am BST
7 Sun 2pm BST
Times shown in timezone: London