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SoCal Paddle Yoga has teamed up with Pirate Coast Paddle Company to bring SUP Yoga to Newport Beach! Take your yoga practice outside on the water surrounded by the natural beauty of Newport Beach’s Back Bay swimming lagoon located inside the Newport Waterfront Dunes. We anchor the boards inside the bay for a peaceful morning session on the water.

From 17 Jul 2024
July, 2024
27 Sat 9am PDT
28 Sun 4pm PDT
3 Sat 9am PDT
10 Sat 9am PDT
11 Sun 4pm PDT
17 Sat 9am PDT
18 Sun 7pm PDT
21 Wed 5:30pm PDT
24 Sat 9am PDT
25 Sun 4pm PDT
31 Sat 9am PDT
Times shown in timezone: Pacific Time (US & Canada)