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Sonya Matthews - Mindset Mentor

I thrive on helping people get what they want! I do this using thoughtful coaching skills and a natural problem-solving ability, as well as delivering education and insights to assist people towards their goals. Driven by wanting to leave the world a better place, I infuse my approach with empathy and encouragement, to enable people to feel good about themselves as they grow and develop.

Because I know people who feel whole and empowered and know their purpose can live a fulfilled life and contribute positively to the world, I have committed to living my purpose of delivering mindset and performance coaching.

I have a deep-down conviction that one of the most powerful ways to help people is to share with them the mind-body connection and how to master it for health, happiness and success.

Having overcome some reasonably tricky life challenges myself means I am in a powerful position to help people through similar struggles. Book a time, below, to chat with me about your goals and dreams. There is no obligation to go any further, unless you feel it is right for you to do so.

From 18 Jun 2024
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