SPAC Fab Feb Mini-Workshops

Welcome to SPAC's 2021 Fabulous February Mini-Workshops. These workshops are for SPAC members only. To become a member, complete the membership form here.

Covid-19 Note: We continue to plan to hold this event while adhering to all BC government health policies. We will be evaluating the restrictions on gatherings on a weekly basis, and will reschedule or cancel workshops as required. Registered students will be contacted concerning changes to their schedules. Refunds will be offered for cancelled workshops or ones rescheduled that a student cannot attend.

Usage Notes: 1) Please use the wait-list feature if you are interested in a workshop that is full as we can sometimes put on additional sessions if there is enough demand; 2) When looking at the Cart screen, do not press your browser's 'back' button or you'll lose your reservations--use the on-screen Back button instead; 3) Do not close your BookWhen window because you cannot return to your cart once you do so; 4) You must complete the "book now"/online payment process within 10 minutes to avoid losing your reservations. 5) If you created an account last year by entering a password, then you'll be prompted for it this year when booking. If necessary, use the "forgot password" option; 6) Need more help using BookWhen? Take a look at their self-help page here. or contact us by filling out the help form here. 7) You can purchase a face shield for use during the mini-workshops (and beyond) by adding a Face Shield Purchase ticket (see the entry on Feb. 1) to your cart.

From 17 Jan 2021
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February, 2021
1 Mon 12am - 1am Face Shield Purchase
7 Sun 9am - 12pm Drawing Portraits with Pencil — Ed Araquel
1pm - 4pm Earrings — Nikki Drummond
8 Mon Course: 2 dates Waxing Your Watercolour—Kathryn Compton
1pm - 5pm Florals - Fast and Furious—Donna Jean
9 Tue 9am - 12pm Text in Art — Karen Wilk
1pm - 4pm Stencils and Art: Metallic & Glue—Nancy Dolan
10 Wed 9am - 1pm Exploring Collage I—Wendy Duffield
11 Thu 1pm - 4pm Fun Transforming Photos into Art—Nancy Dolan
12 Fri 9am - 12pm The Single Page Book — Joan Byers
1pm - 4pm Fun Painting Fields—Lillian Tetreau
13 Sat 9am - 1pm Finger Painting without the Paint — Wendy Picken
2pm - 5pm Introduction to ALUMINUM as a Painting Surface—Gail Dolyn
14 Sun 1pm - 4pm Necklace to Match Earrings — Nikki Drummond
15 Mon 9am - 1pm Let's Get Negative!— Kathryn Compton
16 Tue 9am - 12pm Tips From Pros—Lillian Tetreau
1pm - 5pm Acrylic Landscapes — Keith Levang
17 Wed 9am - 12pm Nature Sketching - Andrea England
1pm - 5pm Positive Negativity-Watercolour—Kathryn Compton
18 Thu 9am - 12pm Values, Values. All Black and White — Shirley Sarens
1pm - 4pm Ink & Gouache Abstracts—Donna Jean
19 Fri 9am - 12pm Make and Prep a Concertina Sketchbook—Kerry Seifried
20 Sat 9am - 12pm Using a Drop Spindle—Dianne Cross
1pm - 4pm Travel Sketching—Andrea England
21 Sun 9am - 1pm Acrylic Landscapes — Keith Levang
22 Mon 9am - 12pm Nature Printmaking—June Haynes
23 Tue 9am - 1pm Fun Fabric Landscapes - Wendy Woollard
24 Wed 9am - 12pm Loosen Up Your Style — Rodger Garbutt
25 Thu 9am - 1pm Exploring Collage II—Wendy Duffield
26 Fri 9am - 12pm Nature Sketching - Andrea England
Times shown in timezone: Pacific Time (US & Canada)