SPAC Fab Feb Mini-Workshops

Welcome to SPAC's 2020 Fabulous February Mini-Workshops. These workshops are for SPAC members only. To become a member, complete the membership form here

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February, 2020
20 Thu 9am - 12pm Watercolour painting on Yupo—Jin Chung
1pm - 4pm Travel Sketching—Andrea England
21 Fri 9am - 1pm Exploring Collage I—Wendy Duffield
1:30pm - 4:30pm Ink & Gouache Abstracts—Donna Jean
22 Sat 9am - 12pm Cancelled - Lino Floor Mat—Gail Dolyn
1pm - 5pm Acrylics, 4 Hours to Success—Keith Levang
23 Sun 9am - 12pm Oil and Cold Wax, Mini Originals—Donna K Williams
1pm - 4pm Watercolour Beginnings—Sharron MacBride
24 Mon 9am - 12pm Portable Watercolour Tin—Lois Brown
1pm - 4pm Florals! - Find your Joy—Arden Rose
25 Tue 9am - 12pm Upcycling Costume Jewelry—Jan Dong
1pm - 4pm Creativity Clinic—Marilynne Miles Gray
26 Wed 9am - 1pm Pigments and the Colour Wheel—Peter Baxter
27 Thu 9am - 1pm Exploring Collage II—Wendy Duffield
1:30pm - 5:30pm Lanyard in Kumihimo Part 2—Nikki Drummond
28 Fri 9am - 12pm Travel Sketching—Andrea England
1:30pm - 4:30pm Fast and Free Watercolour—Rodger Garbutt
29 Sat 9am - 12pm Oil & Cold Wax Exploration—Donna K Williams
1pm - 3pm Microsoft Office Suite - Introduction
Times shown in timezone: Pacific Time (US & Canada)