Libraries worldwide are transforming their spaces to better align with the changing needs of their communities. At Singapore Polytechnic Library, Makerspace was created in 2013 to encourage activity-based learning and to transform the library’s image from a place in which resources are consumed to that of a place where works are created.

Makerspaces are growing in popularity across the globe and it is a source of innovation. The recent NMC Horizon report 2015 Library edition quoted “Makerspaces and online learning are expected to be increasingly adopted by libraries in one year’s time to transform peoples’ experiences both within and outside of their walls.”

Makerspace@SP is formed with the objectives of encouraging staff and student to:

Celebrate the marvels of STEAM – science, technology, engineering, arts and the maker-instinct in them
Encounter emerging technologies and ideas in an inclusive and inspiring community
Gain access to technology that may beyond their reach and learn through purposeful play
Embrace the spirit of experimentation, innovation and creativity
Learn and apply cross-discipline insights to their own domain
The space is located at level 2A of the Main Library, open to staff and students from all disciplines, from beginners to enthusiasts. Workshops on a variety of technologies (e.g. 3D printing, Arduino, LEDs, 3D Design, Programming, Video making) are run regularly. Other types of programs include Out-of-classroom experience, Bootcamp, Tech talks, Demo of emerging technologies and Project advisory service to students. Resources offered include DIY kits, tools, books, videos and online platforms to promote sharing of reusable objects.

To Inspire discovery, foster interaction and build connection, we connect our users to maker community beyond our campus. Being a place of natural convergence of curriculums and communities, makerspace offers a supportive and non-intimidating atmosphere for discovery, experimentation and co-creation.

We welcome everyone from all disciplines to explore what the Makerspace has to offer. We pledge to be inclusive of ideas and people, and also aspire to be a fertile ground for new discoveries and champions of the maker movement.

If you have an idea or project to share, pls get in touch with SP Library. We would be happy to connect your creativity to an audience.

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May, 2017
30 Tue 12pm - 1pm Photo Studio Induction Workshop
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Photo Studio Induction Workshop

Tuesday, 30 May, 2017   12pm - 1pm
Photostudio @ Level 2A
8 spaces available


Join this 1-hour lunchtime workshop on how to use the in-house photo studio to take portrait and corporate photos. Click for more information on the Makerspace Photo Studio.

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