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Sportily Thameshead

Sportily in the Thameshead area

Play sports, talk life

Run by Christians, open to all.
We are a place for you to try different sports, make new friends and explore what life is all about. So we do all sorts of sports and activities, some you’ll know, some you might not (heard of Kabaddi?), we hang out, we chat, we eat and we discover new things. What matters is we have a laugh while doing it.

We believe that being more active, like the Christian faith, can change your life forever. And so we’re here to get you moving and show you that things are a lot more fun when we’re kicking, diving, riding, rolling, running and jumping around together.

Thameshead is a Sportily location situated in the South Cotswolds. You can find us in Kemble, Rodmarton, Sapperton and Coates and reaching into Ewen, Frampton Mansell, Poole Keynes, Shorncote, Somerford Keynes and Tarlton.
The area is also home to the source of the River Thames, hence the name 'Thameshead'.

Check out what's happening in the schedule below and sign up to join in and #Giveitago
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From 22 Apr 2024
April, 2024
26 Fri 3:30pm BST
3 Fri 3:30pm BST
10 Fri 3:30pm BST
13 Mon 6pm BST
7pm BST
17 Fri 3:30pm BST
24 Fri 3:30pm BST
7 Fri 3:30pm BST
10 Mon 6pm BST
7pm BST
14 Fri 3:30pm BST
21 Fri 3:30pm BST
24 Mon 6pm BST
7pm BST
28 Fri 3:30pm BST
5 Fri 3:30pm BST
8 Mon 6pm BST
7pm BST
12 Fri 3:30pm BST
22 Mon 6pm BST
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