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Designated Manager Qualifications and Job Duties - Virtual Classroom

Thursday, 3 March '22   10am – 11:30am CST
Designated Manager Qualifications and Job Duties - Virtual Classroom

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A Designated Manager (DM) is an important member of your company. They must be knowledgeable about regulations, your company’s compliance, and program quality and improvements. There are specific 245D responsibilities and requirements for a DM and often providers aren’t ensuring the DM is adequately prepared for these duties. This important position has significant responsibilities to the people, staff, the program, and company as a whole. Every provider wants their company to be the best, have a great reputation, and to provide person-centered services. The DM is directly responsible ensuring high quality in all those areas. When quality needs improvement, the DM focuses on ways to correct those areas and works with other team members to make that happen. Taking time to invest in education now can ensure a smoother future of compliance and oversight. Participants will gain confidence in their knowledge of their job responsibilities so they can meet compliance requirement head on!

Course topics:

  • Explore the DM qualifications for education and experience
  • Recognize the difference in qualifications and job responsibilities between the DC and DM
  • Identify each DM job duty directed by chapter 245D
  • Discuss examples of these job duties and practical ways a DM can fulfill these responsibilities
  • Understand what compliance is and how the DM role is vital in finding and maintaining it

CEU Contact Hours: 1.8 for Nurses, 1.5 for Social Workers

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