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Exercise Referral

Via this page, you can book for any of the exercise referral long-term condition, aerobic conditioning and cardiac rehabilitation classes at the Meadows community centre, Chesterton pavilion and Chesterton sports centre. You can also book an exercise referral initial assessment at Chesterton sports centre and Hills Road sports and tennis centre.

The exercise referral service provides specialist activity classes that are accessible to exercise referral clients only. Access to these classes is via a health professional only and invitation by an exercise referral instructor. To discover what class might be right for you, please check out our YouTube playlist for some short insight videos of the exercise referral classes available:

It is advisable to book classes in advance to ensure you have an allocated space and will also mean that we can easily contact you with further information about class cancellations or changes should we need to. You can choose to pay for classes or assessments upon booking or by bringing cash payment on attendance. If you choose to pay by cash on attendance, please try to bring the correct change. Where possible, we would preference you paying in advance and online to limit the need for cash handling at venues. Please note, for cardiac rehab at Chesterton sports centre, online payment is enforced upon booking. Online class and assessment payments are only refundable should more than 48 hours be given of your inability to attend. However, we can transfer your place at any class to a later date, with no additional cost should this be required and capacity allows.

The exercise referral service also delivers classes at Chesterton and Hills Road in cardiac rehab & cancer rehabilitation. To access either of these classes, please e-mail:

If you wish to access an exercise referral class at a Healthwise (GLL) site, please contact for details on how you can do this.

The service also provides online home exercise videos in yoga & pilates. Please contact for more information on how you can access these for free.

Please arrive promptly to sessions/assessments with a drink, any prescriptive emergency medications and a resistance band, if required for the class.

Your instructor will know to expect you but should there be any changes in your medical or emergency contact information before your attendance, please be sure to notify your instructor.

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