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Creating & Inspiring Transformation

Welcome to the virtual hub for Dance, movement and rehabilitation both in the Western Isles and Glasgow.
Moving is good, moving in the right way for you is even better! with over 20 years’ experience in Dance, postural alignment, pain-free movement, stress reduction, rehabilitation and neurological balance. Offering classes for all abilities, find your way of moving to better health and vitality.

From 28 Feb 2024
March, 2024
5 Tue 6pm GMT
12 Tue 6pm GMT
17 Sun 11am GMT
12:15pm GMT
1:30pm GMT
2:45pm GMT
19 Tue 11am GMT
12:15pm GMT
1:30pm GMT
6pm GMT
26 Tue 10am GMT
11:30am GMT
2pm GMT
3:30pm GMT
6pm GMT
6pm GMT
27 Wed 11am GMT
12pm GMT
1:30pm GMT
3pm GMT
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