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Strictly HQ offers dance based exercise classes for adults. Fun, friendly and a great workout!

Strictly Street- A funky dance class learning and developing the street style.
Strictly Barre -Focuses on low-impact, high intensity movement, designed to strengthen your body. Inspired by movement in ballet, yoga and Pilates.
Strictly Fit - A beginner dance exercise class, teaching basic dance movement to popular music. High energy and a great workout!
Strictly You- A monthly Workshop class with Barre, Dance Fit, a toning and stretch section and a cool down. Refreshments are included. It will also feature guest teachers, promoting local talent and classes.

From 18 May 2024
May, 2024
21 Tue 8:30pm BST
22 Wed 11:30am BST
24 Fri 9:30am BST
29 Wed 11:30am BST
5 Wed 11:30am BST
7 Fri 9:30am BST
12 Wed 11:30am BST
14 Fri 9:30am BST
19 Wed 11:30am BST
21 Fri 9:30am BST
26 Wed 11:30am BST
28 Fri 9:30am BST
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