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Safeguarding Adults and Mental Capacity Act training commissioned by Norfolk County Council


It's very simple:

  1. Make sure you save the confirmation email that you receive a few minutes after you have booked a place.
  2. Open that email, and click "View booking".
  3. Click "Ticket options".
  4. Click "Transfer ticket" or "Cancel ticket" as required.
  5. The system will only allow you to transfer your ticket "like-for-like". If you wish to swap from one topic to a different topic then you will have to cancel your original booking and make a new one.
  6. Remember - there are no refunds unless the training is cancelled by St Thomas Training. So if you cancel your booking, it will not generate a refund. If you wish to make a complicated cancellation or transfer, please email us on to explain.

​This option is available to you if your training is more than 5 days ahead. Please use it if you can, as gives you more control of your own booking, and it helps us to keep on top of the admin here. Please try your best to make changes as early as possible, in order to give someone on the waiting list a realistic chance of taking your place. If you have to transfer or cancel a booking fewer than 5 days ahead, please continue to email and we will process it for you.

Refund policy

Fees are non-refundable unless the training is cancelled by St Thomas Training. If you are unable to attend as planned please let us know well in advance. We MAY be able to move you to a different date, or you can nominate someone else to attend in your place.