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Studio Ten Fitness Washington Tyne & Wear

Studio Classes

  • Pay as you go £5 (HIITSTEP £4)
  • 7 day Unlimited Pass £14
  • 5 Class Pass £20
  • Monthly unlimited Membership (Includes studio & all home classes) £45 Contact Leanne for details
  • Excludes Bungee Super Fly

Home Workouts - Free for monthly members. Text 07738288298 for a class

Bungee Superfly

  • See timetable below

Contact us
Leanne 07738288298 or Gemma 07891466679

From 23 Mar 2023
March, 2023
23 Thu 9:30am GMT Get Low®
10:15am GMT Boogie Bounce®
6:30pm GMT Tyga®
7:15pm GMT Bokwa Step - 1 hour 💚
24 Fri 4:45pm GMT Get Low®
5:30pm GMT Konga®
6:15pm GMT Bungee Super Fly® Beginners Workshop
25 Sat 9:30am GMT Jagua®
10:15am GMT Boogie Bounce®
26 Sun 10am BST Get Low®
5:30pm BST The Jungle Body® Mixup
6:15pm BST Boogie Bounce®
27 Mon 5:15pm BST Boogie Bounce®
6:15pm BST Bokwa®
7pm BST Konga®
28 Tue 5:30pm BST Burn® & Booty Bands
6:15pm BST Boogie Bounce®
7:15pm BST Bungee Super Fly® Beginners Workshop
29 Wed 5:30pm BST Burn® & Booty Bands
Times shown in timezone: London