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Let’s Talk About Suicide is the new, free, online suicide prevention training programme from the HSE.

This programme helps people to develop their skills to keep others safe from suicide. It helps participants to identify people who are at risk, confidently ask about the topic of suicide and connect them with resources that can help them stay safe.

This introductory programme uses a mix of guided online content, video and interactive questions. Participants can pause and recommence the programme at their own convenience.

On average, the programme will take 60 minutes to complete, but participants can work at their own pace. To enrol and complete Let’s Talk About Suicide, please visit Once here, start by creating a new account, after which you can proceed to the online course, Let’s Talk About Suicide.

You can find out more about this new programme by clicking

*Please note the link above refers to the online programme only. To book a place on one of our in-person training programmes in your area, please scroll down to the detailed schedule of training below.

If you have any queries on any of our online or in-person courses, please contact

From 13 Jun 2024
June, 2024
13 Thu Course: 1 date
14 Fri 9:30am IST
19 Wed 2 days
Course: 2 dates
27 Thu 1:30pm IST
5:30pm IST
10 Wed 9:30am IST
16 Tue 9am IST
25 Thu 7pm IST
13 Tue Course: 3 dates
4 Wed 10am IST
9 Mon 9am IST
10 Tue Course: 2 dates
16 Mon 9:30am IST
17 Tue 9am IST
18 Wed 9:30am IST
23 Mon 7pm IST
26 Thu Course: 2 dates
2 Wed 2 days
8 Tue 3 days
Times shown in timezone: Dublin