Gundog Training for the pet or working dog.

Please be aware lessons are to train gundogs to do gundog techniques so that they become well schooled and well mannered dogs. We are NOT obedience trainers and therefore do not teach recall so that owners can allow their dogs to roam and expect to call them back. We help to teach stimulation from the owner not the environment.

Från 27 okt 2021
januari, 2021
1 fre. 365 dagar £150 Voucher
31 sön. Kurs: 5 data October 10am Puppy/Beginner Class
Kurs: 5 data October 11am Novice Class
januari, 2022
2 sön. Kurs: 6 data January 2022 10am Puppy/Beginner Class
Kurs: 6 data January 2022 11am Novice Class
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