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Pedagogical Development Workshops

These workshops are for teachers at the EPFL and partner institutions.
Doctoral assistants and post-docs are also welcome.
If you are a member of another public institution, please drop us a line at cape@epfl.ch to inquire if we can accomodate you in a particular workshop.

Från 6 feb 2023
februari, 2023
7 tis. 09:00 CET Sustainability in my course
8 ons. 09:30 CET Engaging students using online polling
17 fre. 09:15 CET Support your teaching using the online forum *EDdiscussion* (online)
7 tis. 13:00 CET Support pour la conception du QCM du cours Enjeux Mondiaux
13:00 CET Teaching sciences and engineering with Jupyter Notebooks
16 tor. 13:30 CET Course Design
25 tis. 09:00 CEST Utiliser et adapter l’espace de la salle de classe pour un enseignement efficace
2 tis. 09:00 CEST Flipped class
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