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This page is now dedicated to yin and sound events with Jackie King and the studio Hartley Wintney
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I found this lovely Piece on why Sound can be a healing unique to you to share with you.

Healing doesn’t have to be what somebody tells you their opinion of it is. Professional or not. It doesn’t have to be spiritual. It doesn’t have to be a bunch of words and phrases you’ve never heard of that aren’t explained to you to help you understand. Healing is found in so many things that go beyond healing practices. I find healing throughout my days in conversations, food, time. In movement and stillness. Solo in the heart of nature and togetherness in a loved ones nurturing arms. Healing has different meanings to different people because we are all different. How many more times can I say different? Diff.Er.Ent. We discover our own healing abilities in our awareness of each moment and what purpose it serves for us.

Even though sound is scientifically measurable and more research is being produced on how sound waves can impact the human form, I don’t rely on sound for healing. I use sound as a portal to my healing. To guide me to a place that only I can go. To show me what work I have to do for my healing to unfold. Sound and healing portals merge with me until I become the portal of my own healing. It’s really rather special to connect sound to healing and have them work in harmony.

Sound is one element. Healing is another. When used effectively together, the possibilities are endless. You are both sound and healing. Where and how you find your healing is perfect because it’s about you. And that’s all that matters.
⭐ Your physical body, your soul’s body and your energy body receive the energetic vibration of the gong as it attunes your cells, harmonising your nervous system, re-calibrating, clearing and re-energising the entire system that is you. It’s like a deep and lasting massage that affects the whole.
Some of the benefits of sound baths

• positive changes in moods, emotions and behaviors
• releases more energy
• promotes better sleep
• lowers blood pressure
• reduces stress & anxiety
• relieves muscle tension
• improves concentration and memory

Please note:
Sound Therapy is not advisable if you are in you first trimester of pregnancy, if you suffer from tinnitus or sound induced epilepsy or have recently had an operation. Recommended ages 11 and above - as long as you have the ability to lie still for extended periods. Any other health concerns, please seek advice consent from a doctor

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