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Swim Squads

Refund policy

Please note that your bookings are not transferrable, refundable or returnable.

When you book your place on the squads, it is expected that you will be attending the training block you have joined, and paid for.

Please make decisions to commit to training based on your lifestyle, as you are best placed to understand what you can or cannot do each week.
Squad training on an ongoing basis is costly to run and requires a lot of time and commitment from the coaching side, to organise and maintain.

Weekly squad training is structured in 4 weekly training blocks for flexibility, and is aimed at committed, keen swimmers and triathletes who are seeking improvement.

Please do check with Fiona before signing yourself up to a place on any training block, if you are unsure, or want to discuss your options or understand more about the video analysis!

Please contact Fiona by email:
or by phone 07470995598.

Thank you!