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TaKeTiNa Morning Rhythm Meditations - presented by PULSE RHYTHM EVENTS

Welcome to the 2023 MAY - JUNE - TaKeTiNa ONLINE LIVE sessions.

Pulse Rhythm Events presents daily TaKeTiNa Rhythm Morning Meditations online with Master TaKeTiNa teacher Tania Bosak

Movement meditations, goal and intention setting to frame your day and week ahead!
Starting Monday May 22nd to Thursday June 29th
x3 sessions a week to choose from with discount passes available!


"The best way to transcend the mind is to get fully embodied! Thanks, Tania, loving these sessions"

"Heartily thanks for many lovely mornings and Nights having you guiding us with your competence! It is soooo valuable!"

“Tania, thank you for facilitating the journey into rhythm in a way that is so accessible and joyful. You demonstrate each step with clarity and lead us deeper into the complexity so gently that it’s easy to relax and flow into complex rhythms. I experience doing a daily class with you online as a beautiful way of bringing myself into balance and presence and the rhythm stayed with me through the day. Such a great way to let go of stress and overload in these challenging times. Thank you again. Your sessions are gold!”

" thank you very much for the Taketina-meditation! I really like it! I like to see your friendly face and the other people joining the meditation. I like the way you do taketina: deep, no stress, feeling safe and looking forward to try some new things... A great start for the day!"

"Thank you so much for the short but ever so expanding inspirations that keep filling my days. I am literally walking around in Malaki and bubbling double-time patterns and using every opportunity (e.g. waiting in lines in front of shops as we need to do very much again at the moment) with inspiration and bodily experiences! Or I am just doing the same sitting silently in the bus but with a lot of inner movement ;)

"Thank you so much, Tania, for these sessions!!
I appreciated a lot your very own gentle and at the same time very energizing way. It gave me a lot of inspiration for my own TaKeTiNa practice..."

Tania offers 2 to 5-day intensive TaKeTiNa Process workshops between Australia and Europe.

You can join Tania's email list here for the most up-to-date info and free FIRST IN offerings!

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