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Tania Bosak
Founder of Pulse Rhythm Events

Tania has worked for more than 35 years as an actor, musician, producer, composer, and teacher across the arts and music education in Australia and abroad. After more than 20 years of training and practice, Tania was certified as a Master TaKeTiNa teacher in 2018. She holds a Diploma in Solution-Focused Counselling and is a certified Generative Trance therapist after completing studies with Dr. Stephen Gilligan at the Institute of Applied Psychology (IAP) and with Dr. Rob McNeilly at The Milton H Erickson Institute of Tasmania and The Centre of Effective Therapy (CET).

In 2004 Tania founded Pulse Rhythm Events, an organization dedicated to presenting collaborative workshops and events involving rhythm, body, voice, personal evolution, and meditation practices.

Tania was recently invited to teach in the Bachelor of Rhythm and Rhythmics at the Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles, an innovative 3-year training co-founded by Arnould Massart, for professional music and rhythm teachers to develop further skills working in artistic, educational, socio-cultural or health-care settings.

Based between Australia and Europe, Tania is currently conducting courses online, including her newly developed and popular 20-30 minute TaKeTiNa Rhythm Morning meditations for the general public and for TaKeTiNa teachers worldwide.

Tania is a proud member of IAGC The International Association of Generative Change


BA Dip Ed Performing Arts, Contemporary Dance
Master TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process Facilitator
Practitioner of Generative Change in Generative Trance
Certificate 1V Workplace Assessment and Training

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