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Live Zoom Classes: Pregnancy and Postnatal Packages

The Bump Room was established in 2012. We are a group of Chartered Physiotherapists with experience and passion for women and women's wellbeing.

Our intention is to hold a space for women, to listen, reassure and motivate women to exercise in pregnancy and beyond birth. Empowering women as they transition to Motherhood.❤

Exercise is critical and we are here to dispel any myths and cultural fears around exercise in pregnancy and beyond birth. We have lived and witnessed all of the benefits:

Our classes are not only exercise, all our classes finish with knowledge sharing, this includes physio advice and tips, insights from our experience and providing a safe space to learn and connect.

The live Zoom classes are delivered across 5 week blocks.

From 13 Apr 2024
April, 2024
15 Mon Course: 4 dates
Times shown in timezone: Dublin