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Pilates Instructor, Lifestyle Menopause Practitioner and Wellness Coach.

Menopause Lifestyle Practitioner, Level 3 Weight Management, Level 3 Pilates Instructor, Level 4 Chronic Lower Back Pain, Level 4 Cancer rehabilitation, Level 4 Cardiac Rehabilitation, Level 4 Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Level 3 GP Referral (includes, respiratory, joints, Diabetes, High blood pressure, stroke), Level 3 Personal Trainer, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma.

​I can help with motivation, accountability, behaviour change and mindset, but above all dispel all the myths and confusion around the 54 symptoms of menopause, weight management, nutrition, sleep, stress management and exercise as I offer only evidence based advice.
We take away any shame, blame or negativity and focus on behaviour change and mindset.
We work on how to break old habits and form new ones to set you up for success.

I'd love to help you achieve your goals. With the appropriate support, it just might be easier than you think!
Much Love Max
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From 19 Jun 2024
June, 2024
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