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SPARK Health and Fitness @ The Loft

Welcome to our booking page. Spark Health & Fitness was born out of a passion to help people live healthier, happier lives.
We began back in 2014 with a handful of inspiring people training outdoors around Gateshead. No matter if it was cold and wet or light and bright, they always turned up and we were left feeling amazed by the results we helped them achieve.
Soon the word spread and over the past three years our Sparks crew has grown so much we’ve opened our first facility. It’s called The Loft and it’s in Low Fell (off Kells Lane). Just to be clear though, we still get out and brave the weather – that will never change.
Our small but perfectly formed warehouse HQ is only part of what makes us different. A uniquely personal space, it means our hands-on team can deliver training sessions in our supportive and challenging style. We still have small groups, as we know how important the camaraderie is for people. We also know everyone’s different, so if you want to focus on your own thing there’s more than enough space… basically, we’re all about what works for you.

From 4 Mar 2024
March, 2024
4 Mon 9:15am GMT
7pm GMT
5 Tue 9:15am GMT
6:15pm GMT
7pm GMT
6 Wed 9:15am GMT
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7 Thu 9:15am GMT
7pm GMT
8 Fri 9:15am GMT
9 Sat 9:15am GMT
10:15am GMT
10 Sun 9:15am GMT
10am GMT
11 Mon 9:15am GMT
7pm GMT
12 Tue 9:15am GMT
6:15pm GMT
7pm GMT
13 Wed 9:15am GMT
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