TinyTalk Baby Signing, Toddler Talking and Newborn Communication Classes

Babies can understand so much before they can talk. Help them express themselves with TinyTalk baby signing.

  • Learn a weekly theme of around 6 relevant signs from British Sign Language
  • Sign, sing, bounce and giggle as you join in with action songs, stories and nursery rhymes.
  • Experience bright and beautiful sensory toys to develop listening, visual tracking and language skills
  • Get active with our walkabout action songs
  • Play instruments to develop co-ordination and motor skills
  • Develop sharing, turn-taking and other social skills
  • Enjoy social support time where both of you can make friends, while grown ups share experiences ...all in a friendly, welcoming and inclusive environment where you can relax and spend quality time together. All class sizes are limited.

New families with babies of 12 weeks and under may wish to begin with our Newborn Communication workshop. This 6 week course is aimed at parents, with a gentle introduction to signing and a focus on communication through the senses. Spend some quality time with your new baby, pick up some tips for navigating that 4th trimester and meet other parents.

TinyTalk is for toddlers too. Our quality classes continue to develop your child's communication skills whilst you're having a brilliant time together. It's the TinyTalk you love, but more physical and interactive to suit developing minds. Toddlers are not meant to sit still, but they'll love:

  • building toddlers' speech development, confidence and social skills
  • familiar TinyTalk action songs, stories and puppets your child loves
  • learning a wider range of BSL signs and concepts such as counting and colours
  • playing language games and make communicating fun

But won’t it delay my baby’s speech?
No – babies are encouraged to say the word as they sign, developing their vocabulary and communication skills. You'll find yourself repeating key words more frequently than you might otherwise have done and the signing means that you will be more likely to be speaking to them when baby is fully focused on you.

Babies have so much to say. What does your baby want to say to you?

If you'd like more information before booking:

From 25 Jan 2021
January, 2021
25 Mon Course: 3 dates Live E-classes (Nic): 11am, 11th January - 8th February 2020
26 Tue Course: 3 dates Live E-classes (Kate): 10:30am, 12th Jan - 9th Feb
27 Wed Course: 3 dates Live E-classes (Kate): 10:30am, 13th Jan - 10th Feb
30 Sat Course: 3 dates Live E-classes (Kate): 10:30am, 16th Jan - 13th Feb
20 Sat Course: 6 dates Live E-Class: Newborn Communication 6 week Workshop (Kate) - date and time TBC (for babies 12 weeks and under)
Times shown in timezone: London