University of St Andrews Golf Club Lessons

Welcome to the University of St Andrews Golf Club booking page. Here you can sign up for golf lessons which take place at the St Andrews Links Academy with qualified PGA professionals.

PLEASE NOTE: There has been a shift this year to MIXED or LADIES ONLY lessons. Please make sure you sign up for the lessons which are applicable to you. If you have any questions please email Anya on


To access lessons you must first buy membership for the Ladies Golf Club which is available to purchase online here:

Once you have paid membership you will receive an e-mail receipt which contains a password which you will need to enter when booking lessons.


Beginner: For people with no prior experience and want to learn the basics. 10 weeks of lessons with a PGA professional.

Beginner Plus: For people who have taken beginners lessons before and want further guidance on the range. 10 weeks of lessons with a PGA professional.

On Course (Balgove): MUST HAVE COMPLETED BEGINNERS AND BEGINNERS PLUS OR CONTACTED A COACH. For people who feel confident enough to go on the course to learn basics and etiquette. Links ticket recommended for further practice, but not essential, with the green fee included during each lesson. 5 weeks with a PGA professional.

Enjoy your lessons and we hope to see you out on the course soon!

It is possible that your lesson may not run if there are not enough students, if this is the case, I will contact you directly to rearrange. We try to avoid this in every case, but sometimes it is unavoidable

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact Anya at

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