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  • Do you find that you're often tired, or even exhausted, from early morning or perhaps around midway through the day?
  • Is sleep just not enough anymore to wake up feeling refreshed?
  • Are you energy levels and moods often low?

Vitamin B12 Injections could be the answer! They'll help to boost your day-to-day energy levels, fighting the signs of fatigue or even when you're starting to feel low or run-down. A B12 injection is the perfect, natural solution to have you feeling well rested and refreshed!

Aside from day-to-day energy management, they are also ideal when preparing for a big week, or from working long hours, or if you are preparing for a social function or special occasion when you need to combat tiredness. You may also want a boost when returning back from travels when suffering with Jet Lag. B12 Injections are great for promoting healthy skin, hair and nails too.


Single Shot Vitamin B12 Injection: £40
Course of Four Vitamin B12 Injections (class pass): £120

From 6 Dec 2022
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