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Wembley Sephardi Synagogue

On a separate note, for security purposes, the Wembley Committee would like to remind congregants and their guests of the attendance policy.

1a. The wearing of face masks will be voluntary. However, men wishing to wear masks are requested to occupy the seats on the left side of the synagogue upon entry. And ladies wishing to wear masks are requested to occupy the last row of seats in the ladies' section. Those choosing not to wear masks should please try to observe social distancing as much as possible with those who continue to mask-up.

1b. Attendance booking is no longer a requirement. However, for the purposes of establishing if we will have a minyan, men are encouraged to book in advance

  1. Members who have not pre-booked will only be allowed in if they are recognised by the security guard or by another member.

  2. Visitors who have not pre-booked will not be allowed into the synagogue unless they are personally known by a member of the synagogue. Whenever possible, guests should be accompanied by members. Failing this, guests will be asked to wait outside until they can be identified.

  3. During special family events (I.e. bar or bat mitzvah) a family member will be required to join the security at the door to vouch for their guests.

From 26 Feb 2024
March, 2024
2 Sat 9:40am GMT
9 Sat 9:40am GMT
16 Sat 9:40am GMT
23 Sat 9:40am GMT
30 Sat 9:40am GMT
6 Sat 9:40am BST
13 Sat 9:40am BST
20 Sat 9:40am BST
27 Sat 9:40am BST
4 Sat 9:40am BST
11 Sat 9:40am BST
18 Sat 9:40am BST
25 Sat 9:40am BST
1 Sat 9:40am BST
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15 Sat 9:40am BST
22 Sat 9:40am BST
29 Sat 9:40am BST
6 Sat 9:40am BST
13 Sat 9:40am BST
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