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Pop-up yoga classes and events in Glasgow as a fun and creative response to our somewhat busy and technology driven lifestyles

With the combination of art, architecture and yoga, classes aim to unify wellness and physical activity with an appreciation of our urban environment, unlocking a new experience of our collective and individual yoga space

From 27 May 2024
May, 2024
29 Wed 7:30pm BST
31 Fri 12:15pm BST
3 Mon 7:30pm BST
5 Wed 7:30pm BST
7 Fri 12:15pm BST
7pm BST
10 Mon 7:30pm BST
12 Wed 7:30pm BST
14 Fri 12:15pm BST
17 Mon 7:30pm BST
19 Wed 7:30pm BST
24 Mon 7:30pm BST
26 Wed 7:30pm BST
28 Fri 12:15pm BST
1 Mon 7:30pm BST
3 Wed 7:30pm BST
5 Fri 12:15pm BST
Times shown in timezone: London