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Why Weight Ireland's Online Booking & Payment System

At Why Weight Ireland we aim to be at the forefront in tackling the obesity epidemic. Why Weight Ireland® will continue to provide the best possible experience for those wishing to improve their lifestyle and to help every customer achieve their personal health and fitness goal. We will continue to re-educate and support each individual with the care and compassion they deserve, inspiring and empowering so that lives are changed for the better.

Refund policy

  • Due to the limited number of spin bikes & floor space a class 'no-show' will not be refunded. Every online booking will receive an automatic class reminder a day in advance. You may cancel or reschedule your booked class up to 1 day before, any later and the reschedule option will be closed and a refund will not be possible.
  • Due to the new limited number of spaces and social distancing measures, for any of our classes a 'no-show' will not be able to receive a refund unless you cancel or reschedule up to a day before your class.

I hope you understand the new refund policy. With giving you up to a days opportunity to reschedule it also gives others in the waiting list a chance to join the class.