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Kids Craft Club Membership

This membership is used for the kids craft club. Join the club and attend anytime on any day. Unlimited kids Craft Club Classes and Saturday Art Days

  • Kids Craft Club Membership
    $67.19 per month (fees included)

Artist Academy Membership

Our artist Academy is available for any of our acrylic, painting, watercolor, sketch, and cartoon drawing classes. Once you have a membership, you can attend as many of these classes throughout the week as you would like with no additional cost.

  • Artist Academy
    $103.20 per month (fees included)

Resin Addicts Membership

Are you a resin addict? We’re here to support you. This is the Wild Child art studio. We’re part of resin anonymous. With our membership you can take as many resin classes as you would like at a discounted rate. If you have a membership, all of your... [Read more]

  • Resin Addicts Membership
    $77.48 per month (fees included)

Seniors Art Membership

This membership is available for adults 55+ to participate in any Seniors Art Day Class they would like regardless of cost for FREE

  • Seniors 55+ Art membership
    $26.03 per month (fees included)
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